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Weekly Themed Activities

Week 1 June 10-1

Crazy About Color!

Where the world becomes a canvas, and every color is an invitation to create something extraordinary! Let the vibrant energy of this week inspire your child’s artistic spirit. Let’s create colorful MASTERPIECES while having a blast!

Week 2 June 17-21

Mythical Magic!

Welcome to the enchanting world of our Mythical Magical week! Immerse your young artists in a realm where creativity knows no bounds, and every brushstroke weaves a tale of magic and wonder. Fairies! Dragons! Mermaids & Gnomes!

Week 3 June 24-28

Art Around the World!

Pack your imaginary bags and get ready for a journey that transcends borders! This week our young artists become global explorers, creating masterpieces that celebrate the beauty of cultural diversity! Let their creative passports be stamped with inspiration from every corner of the world!

Week 4 July 1-5

Under the Sea!

Get ready for an artistic voyage beneath the waves as we embark on Under the Sea week! From vibrant coral reefs to mystical underwater creatures, children will be immersed in a world of aquatic artistry, where every stroke of the brush brings the ocean to life. Dive in for FUN

Week 5 July 8-12

pARTy Animals

Prepare for a week filled with furry, feathery, and scaly inspiration as we celebrate the wonders of the animal kingdom. Animal Week at the Art Camp promises an exploration of different habitats, from the depths of the jungle to the heights of the sky, all through the lens of artistic expression.

Week 6 July 15-19

Mixed Media Madness!

Mixed Media week, where young artists become maestros of material fusion, creating dynamic and expressive artworks that push the boundaries of conventional art. Let their imaginations run wild as they blend, layer, and innovate in this exciting exploration of mixed media possibilities.

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